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Francis Bacon (1561-1626) “took all knowledge to be his province.” An equal breadth of interest has characterised the Francis Bacon Society, a unique literary association with more than a century’s experience of interdisciplinary Renaissance studies. Bacon was a many-sided genius who has influenced scientists, poets and statesmen, has been studied from orthodox and unorthodox perspectives, and has attracted widely diverging interpretations.

The Society is best known for its championing of the Shakespeare authorship question, and this remains of great interest. However, its expertise encompasses Elizabethan history, philosophy, cryptography and much else. Above all, Bacon’s philosophy and the Shakespeare plays have provided inspiration for imaginative yet scholarly research, and the ongoing vitality of the Society testifies to the fruitfulness of this approach.


  • A depiction of Sir Francis Bacon has been painted on the railway bridge next to the city station in St Albans, where Bacon spent a large portion of his life. This mural depicts a timeline of historical figures and events from the town’s Roman foundation to the present day. To see a picture, click here, and to read about the mural click here.
  • On Tuesday 25th March, Professor John Henry gave a talk for members entitled, ‘“Isaac Newton, occult philosopher ~ Francis Bacon and why Newton could only have been an Englishman”. For details, click here.
  • The new edition of Baconiana (Vol. 1 No. 5), edited by our new Baconiana editor Dave Patrick is now available to read online here.
  • On Wednesday 11th December, Dr Edi Bilimoria gave a talk for members entitled ‘Similarities and differences in the way Francis Bacon and Newton used what is commonly known as the scientific method’. For details, click here.
  • On Friday 1st November the History channel aired an episode of ‘Forbidden History’ in which Jamie Theakston interviewed Joy Hancox about her work over the years with The Byrom Papers (see her latest book: The Hidden Chapter). During the programme she disclosed her interest in Francis Bacon and John Dee, in connection with her extensive researches in Tintern Parva (near Tintern Abbey in South Wales), where the geometry in the many drawings relate to the ground plans of the old Rose Theatre, The Globe Theatre and Westminster Abbey.
  • To watch the episode of  ’Forbidden History’, click here.
  • To read more about the Byrom papers, click here, or to read about Bacon’s ‘Decryption of Nature’, click here. (Full version of this article available here).
  • Society member Susan Sheridan gave a seminar with Peter Dawkins for the Francis Bacon Research Trust on ‘The Shakespeare Circle’, the group of writers responsible for the Shakespeare works, on Sunday 15th September 2013 at the Charing Cross Hotel. Click here for more information.
  • The Society’s Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 4th September 2013, featuring a talk by Briony Rawle on the subject of promoting Bacon and his works using modern media. Click here to download the e-flyer.
  • The second John Michell Symposium entitled “Dancing with Plato and Fort: crop circles, cosmology and ancient metrology” was held at the Tenemos Academy, London on 1st June 2013. Speakers included Allan Brown, John Martineau, John Neal, John Nicholson and Christine Rhone. Details of future events at the Tenemos academy can be found at
  • Click here to view a recent article in the Herts Advertiser featuring Society member Briony Rawle and her views on Francis Bacon’s legacy in St Albans.
  • Click here to view the second episode of the BBC’s documentary ‘The Century that Wrote Itself’, and skip to around 22 minutes for a mention of Francis Bacon and his importance in 17th century scientific thinking.
  • Talk by Dave Patrick – ‘Further Synchronistic Adventures – Encompassing “The Cathar View”, Bacon’s Science and An Update on the Bruton Vault Mystery’ [18th December 2012]. Download Dave Patrick’s Flyer
  • Talk by Sylvia Francke – The Legend of Parzival, the Rosicrucian Stream and a possible 9th Century Incarnation of Sir Francis Bacon [27th June 2012]. Download Sylvia Francke’s flyer
  • Talk  by Ulla Brostrom – A New View and more speculations about our William Shakespeare = Francis Bacon and his concealed life [23rd March 2012]. Download Ulla Brostrom’s flyer

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