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Francis Bacon (1561-1626) "took all knowledge to be his province." An equal breadth of interest has characterised the Francis Bacon Society, a unique literary association with more than a century's experience of interdisciplinary Renaissance studies. Bacon was a many-sided genius who has influenced scientists, poets and statesmen, has been studied from orthodox and unorthodox perspectives, and has attracted widely diverging interpretations.

The Society is best known for its championing of the Shakespere authorship question, and this remains of great interest. However, its expertise encompasses Elizabethan history, philosophy, cryptography and much else. Above all, Bacon's philosophy and the Shakespeare plays have provided inspiration for imaginative yet scholarly research, and the ongoing vitality of the Society testifies to the fruitfulness of this approach.


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Forthcoming talk on Friday 23rd March 2012 by Ulla Brostrom - A New View and more speculations about our William Shakespeare = Francis Bacon and his concealed life
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Forthcoming FBRT Sunday Afternoon Seminars
The Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand, London

The FBRT are holding three Sunday afternoon talks this year looking at what is known about Sir Francis Bacon, what is hinted at and what the evidence points to with regards to this fascinating and much-misrepresented man, attempting to address the mystery.
18th March: Shakespeare and the Lost Word
24th June: The Real Life Mystery of Masonry's First Grand Master
19th September: Sir Francis Bacon, the Heart of the Man