Joining The Society

Membership of the Society is open to all who agree with its Objects. The usual method is by applying as detailed below. New members are proposed for membership formally at the next meeting of the Society, when their membership is ratified.

Among the Objects for which the Society is established as expressed in its Memorandum of Association are the following:-

1. To encourage the study of the works of Francis Bacon as philosopher, lawyer, statesman and poet; also his character, genius and life; his influence on his own and succeeding times, and the tendencies and results of his writing.

2. To encourage the general study of the evidence in favour of Francis Bacon's authorship of the plays commonly ascribed to Shakespeare, and to investigate his connection with other works of the Elizabethan period.

The Membership subscription is currently £10.00, payable on joining and on each succeeding 1st of January. Members are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meetings of the Society. If you are in agreement with the objects of the Francis Bacon Society and want to become a member, then send a letter of application with a cheque for £10.00 payable to the Francis Bacon Society to the address below.
Letters of application should be sent to The Secretary:

Mr. G.N. Salway,
Flat 1, Lee House,
75A Effra Road,
London, SW19 8PS

Manuscript submissions for publication should be sent to :

Baconiana Submissions
Flat 1, 6 Arlingford Road
London SW2 2SU

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