Primary Texts

Various electronic editions of Bacon, Shakespeare and other Elizabethan authors are scattered across the Internet, but there is no central resource for researchers. Some good sites, many with comprehensive links pages of their own, are listed here:

Bacon and Shakespeare contains a good listing of major Bacon works available. This site features an outstanding selection of renaissance and early modern texts, and contextual information.
Sarah Smith's collection of Shakespearean links, including the entire Shakespeare corpus online

Project Gutenberg, the original comprehensive source of e-texts on the Internet
Hanover College contains another useful selection of early modern texts

Research and Information Resources
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy contains a short online biography and a thorough introduction to Bacon's philosophy
Senate House Library, the main library of the University of London, is the home of the Durning-Lawrence library (bequeathed by the well-known Baconian Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence) and contains most of the Francis Bacon Society Library on deposit.
The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C. contains 'the world's largest collection of Shakespeare's printed works'. As well as providing information about the library, Folger's site also contains the HAMNET online catalog.
The Royal Society site features the continuing work of a society founded to advance Bacon's scientific vision.

Baconian Websites
Lawrence Gerald's features an enormous amount of Baconian information and opinion
Authorship Analysis Paul Dupuy Jr.'s elegantly presented pages
The Francis Bacon Research Trust - lots of material from a contemporary esoteric perspective - extremely unusual site of interest to fans of numerological cipher

Minerva Britanna, containing images of Baconian interest, provided by Middlebury College

Shakespeare Authorship Question Barry Clarke's recent book The Shakespeare Puzzle: A Non-esoteric Baconian Theory is available for sale and as a download here

Francis Carr's Shakespeare Authorship site

Classic manuals of cryptography from the 16th and 17th centuries
Penn Leary's Cryptographic Shakespeare
The Code That Failed - a response to Penn Leary and Baconian cipher by Terry Ross

Other sites of interest
Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation (RILKO) "An organisation providing a platform for the dissemination of hidden knowledge incorporated in myth and legend, number and geometry, art and music, architectural proportion, megalithic structures and the geomantic layout of cities and landscape."

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